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A small rant about Sephora: things I don't like

Have you ever entered a Sephora store with a bare face and suddenly you feel like you're being judged by the employees (some of them, not all)? Then, a bunch of them approach you and ask you 'do you need help?'. It doesn't matter if you tell them 'no, thanks, I already know what I want' because the other 3 will come to you anyways, even if they heard you the first time. I know this doesn't happen in all Sephora stores, but if I start counting, this happened to me several times. Sometimes in the same store, sometimes in others. It's good to greet the customer, but 'do you need help?' while looking at the customer with a 'you look like you don't know shit about makeup' is not a good way. Maybe a 'welcome to Sephora, if you need help don't hesitate to ask me' and a smile would be better. If you see that the customer looks lost, yeah, ask them 'hi, do you need any help?' 
Some employees assume that a bare faced customer doesn't know about makeup. You go to a makeup store with bare face to try makeup, you don't beat your face to the gods to go there.
Then, when you really need help, they don't always know how to help you. I was at Sephora in Sol, Madrid, and a customer came to ask the employee about the difference between the Sephora charcoal nose strips and the Tony Moly egg nose strips. What did she do? Read the fucking box. "The difference is that Sephora's strips have charcoal extract and the Tony Moly ones have egg extract'"

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Congratulations! You read the box, have your medal. The customer also knows how to read. I was taking my bag with my purchase and since the girl looked confused almost angry, I decided to help her. I explained her the performance of both strips. She's never used a kbeauty product and was skeptical of how good they are. She ended up getting the Tony Moly Egg Pore strips. The employee seemed to be bothered by the customer's comment 'you should be working here'. I've noticed that when you go to ask about Korean products, they barely know. Some of them do the effort and read about the products so they are prepared if someone asks, but others just read the box at the moment. Do an effort and try the new products so you'll be able to help. 
Another thing I don't like about Sephora is that they never give free samples. With every purchase you should get 3 freebies, but they never put them in the bag. Do they keep them for themselves? I don't know, probably. When I ask them to put some freebies, they sometimes stare at me in a bad way. I once was told 'let me see if I have any' and she gave me a perfum freebie. It was 12 am, how the hell do you run out of freebies in the morning? Who cares if I only bought a mask or a lipstick? Give freebies girl, especially the Sephora ones, so people will try the Sephora made products and if the like it, go to buy them.
Another thing I don't like is that some employees don't keep up with brand's updates and news. When Too Faced announced the Natural Love Eyeshadow palette I went to Sephora (3 or 4 days after the release in the USA) and asked some employees if they knew when it was going to come to Spain. One of them asked me 'where did you see it, USA?' and I was like 'errr no, they announced it a few days ago on their Instagram...' she replied '...sorry I don't know if this is going to come'. 

Oh, and when they see you trying on an expensive foundation, they see you're young, assume you can't afford it and suggest you to go to Bourjouis because 'it's cheaper and better for young girls' and even recommend a bb cream instead of a foundation? First of all, you don't know my age lol second, if I'm going to wear a foundation on my skin for hours I prefer the Nars one, thanks. I've tried it before and it's the best thing for my skin. I'm also looking for a foundation, not a bb cream. For a bb I prefer the Korean brands.

stop it, please

All said, there are other employees that are lovely, helpful and don't follow you everywhere.
It's not a Sephora fault that some of their employees are a pain in the neck, but if people complains, they should do something about it... Or the employees should do something about their attitude.

and that's all, have a nice day and ~treat yoself~ thanks for reading!

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